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Mobile screening unit

Animal feed

Deswarte successfully closed the year 2021 with the delivery of a bulk handling installation for a manufacturer of animal feed.   

Collaboration Deswarte

In order to cope with peak times in the factory, we have provided a solution in the form of a mobile screening unit. This will guarantee the transport, screening and filtering of soybeans.

The unit features about 5 screw conveyors, a sieve and a filter.  The screws will ensure the supply of the product and the outflow of the different fractions.  The sieve separates the product according to the desired size and the filter extracts the excess dust to maintain a clean working environment.

The installation has been designed in such a way that it is fully mobile despite its high mass (11.5 tonnes).  Since the standard dimensions of a shipping container were adhered to, the installation is easy to transport both internally and between the various sites.