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Re-engineering of existing bulk conveyor systems

Pet food & animal feed

Deswarte provides a number of customised bulk handling solutions for a major European supplier of ingredients and raw materials for the feed and food industry.  

Collaboration Deswarte

It involves a staged improvement and re-engineering of several elevators and chain conveyors for ship loading and unloading.

One of the chain conveyors is 104 metres (341 ft) long and carries the product from the silos to the elevators which in turn ensure that the product is guided either from the vessel to the silos or from the silos to the vessel.

Meanwhile, the customer is in full expansion and is building a new production environment.  Deswarte provides a chain conveyor with supporting structure that will transfer products from the existing to the new building.  On top of the silos of the new section, we also install a new chain conveyor that takes the product to the desired silo.